Beatriz Funk 


Bike in Helsingborg

Task: Creation of a new map for bicycle, exibition, logo, powerpoint presentation, graphical profile and all the material needed for this event.

Bicycle map
My inspiration and goal was to make the map easier for the cyclists to use when you are biking and want to have a quick look. You don't need to open the whole map, instead you can look in sections. When the map is folded it can be placed in your pocket.
Some turist places were highlighted in the map by colors, you can easly find them by following the color stripes on the map sections.
All street names were added to the map.

The map received good critics by the Swedish Cycle Society Association and gave inspiration to other cities:
"The bicycle map has a scale of 1:20 000 and different ways of folding it allowing you to access both sides of the map in an easy manner."